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From ancient times sacred movement, dance, rhythms, songs and archetypes have united people like season celebrations and rituals, like a part of life span, the daily renewal and meditation.
Dances of Universal Peace for more than 17 years have been a part of sacred dance tradition in Latvia. Dancing we use simple music, rhythm, words and movement from different nations, thus touching the nature of the spiritual self and connecting it with others.

Dances of Universal Peace - it is a meditation in motion. A human need a link with the spiritual and Dances helps us to be in balance with our soul in that sacral space of life. Dances of Universal Peace is a meditation, moving in a circle, singing mantras, sacred words, psalms, zikr.

Origins of Dances of Universal Peace roots back to 1960’s, when Samuel Lewis (Samuel L. Lewis) from San Francisco through all his life was looking for the way to unite all religions of the world and wisdom of spiritual teachings.

At present Dances of Universal Peace have expanded, creating a movement which unites the hearts of people across all continents worldwide. Dances include Christian, Sufi, Jewish, Celtic, Buddhist, Zo
roastrians, North American Indians, New Zealand Aboriginal and many other spiritual traditions. Dances of Universal Peace dance people from different faiths, beliefs, and spiritual traditions throughout the whole world. We are united by understanding that in messages of all the prophets have always been more common than diverse, each spiritual path is only a facet of a whole ...

Participant does not need any prior musical or dance experience. The key is participation, surrendering, becoming a part of common pattern of experience, rather than self showoff. It is therefore possible to get rid of tension, which requires confirmation of his ego. This gives the feeling of peace and communion with the universe and every soul in the world.

We make the circle, join our hands, immerse ourselves in magical atmosphere of unity and distinctiveness slowly remembering, who we really are ...