Dances of Universal Peace

Latvian Network

                    ATMAN Camp 2008 Latvia, "Pipariņi"                       

18-24th of August 2008, the 3rd International Camp organized by Fatima & Bashiran.

The staff was very international with Shahodat (St. Petersburg), Karima (Moscow area), Bashiran nd Fatima (Latvia) and Wali & Arienna (Belgium) as originally planned. Like at the Czech Camp, earlier n August this year, we also invited our New Zealand friends and campers Sally and Prem in the taff, giving the camp an extra flavor.
The participants came from all three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), with some xtra guests from Holland and Findhorn (Latvian by birth). The camp really was a family camp ith many young children and even a three generation family. Many promises for the future! ( From Wali & Arienna's reports)

A handing over ritual initiated by Fatima to conclude her organization of Lativian Dance Camps as deeply moving and gave each person involved the opportunity to grieve the change and elebrate the new initiative of a Latvian Dance Network Camp in future. It was also very touching o witness the thanking and honoring of Fatima for her years of service to the Latvian Dance amp and community.

(From Prem & Sally's reports, New Zealand)