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The first DUP UNICORN camp in Latvia was organised in 1995 by James Burgess and his followers. There was a sequence of his camps till 2003. James was inviting other teachers to participate, so we had Glenda & Trevor (UK), Barbara Sitara& Daren (UK, Germany), Silje Devi and Maris (Estonia), Maliqa (UK), Shafia (now New Zealand) in our camps.

More about the camps -

UNICORN camp 1995

UNICORN camp 1996

UNICORN camp 1997

UNICORN camp 1998

UNICORN camp 1999

UNICORN camp 2000



UNICORN camps 2001-2003-please share your photos with us!  


    After James stopped organising camps there had been no camps in Latvia for 3 years, until in 2006 a local teacher Fatima started a new sequence. Her and Bashiran's company "Atman" organised 3 camps all together. In the first camp in 2006 there was invited Ralph Nimmann (UK) as a main teacher, in 2007 - Silje Devi (Estonia), in 2008 Wali & Arienna (Belgium) and besides them Karima and Shahodat (Russia), Prem&Sally (New Zealand).
More about the camps -
     In 2009 a new series of international camps called DANCING HEART CAMP has begun. Dances leaders have agreed to participate In the first camp - Sandra Sunfire (Wales), Silje Devi (Estonia), Ralf Nimmann and Vitalija (Great Britain), Fateah (Great Britain), Prem&Sally (New Zealand). and our local teachers Sara (Yana) and Latifa.We had Aliela ( Russia-Israel), Fateah ( Scotland), Matthew (UK), Cajsa Ty (from Sweden) and her mentee Ann, Renee from Holland in our camps too.