Dances of Universal Peace

Latvian Network

        DANCING HEART Camp 2010 Latvia, Kaltene, "Zivtiņi"     


In 2010 Latvian Network has organized 2nd international DANCING HEART CAMP and we had guests from UK, USA, Estonia, Sweden and Russia.

The concentration of the leaders was extremely high - we had only 6 people (from total number of 30) who came just to relax and were not involved in organizing or leading. The main invited Dance Teachers were Ralph Nimmann (UK), Silje Devi (Estonia), Aliela (Russia-Israel), Fateah (Scotland), Matthew (UK). We had also well-known leader Cajsa Ty (from Sweden) and her mentee Ann, Charlotte Henson (USA) who came as simply dancers, but shared their heart-touching dances with us. In the early mornings we had dervish -yoga with Sara-Yana or Norbekov's practices with Vitalija, bathing in Unity in the morning Sufi practices with Silje.

In the afternoon Musallam was leading his dynamic meditation and the cycle of Life with amazing Matthew solo on the late evenings we still had energy to sing around campfire and walk along the amber seaside. 


...thank you so much for inviting me.  It was wonderful to see again so many Latvian dancing friends – the connection we’d made a year ago still seemed very much alive and it meant a lot to me so see and dance with everyone again.  Also to experience some lovely Dance leadership with Latvian teachers.

Fateah Saunders, Scotland, UK