Dances of Universal Peace

Latvian Network

  ~~ The 6th International DANCING HEART CAMP in Latvia ~~  

We were celebrating the 15th Dancing camp which took place in Latvia. This time we had guests from New Zealand- our dear Prem & Sally, our permanent supporter Silje Devi from Estonia, Vitalija from UK and the local leaders - Victoria Valkyrie, Yelena Saraswati. We had a guest from USA this year - thank you, Mindy, for being brave to travel all aroud the globe!

We had 36 people joining hands and hearts in the circle - among them 9 youngsters in their 20-ies and 2 children! 


We had a space for other leaders ( beginners and those, who had done it many years ago) to step out and to share the Dances. It was a wonderful session with Veronika from Ventspils, Alexandr - our guitarist, the first organizers of the camp in Latvia - Latifa and her sister Marina Kabira.




We were full with delicious vegetarian meals prepared by our cook Veronika and karma-yoga people. Yumm...

We had rich program too - gong Bath with Fatima, Rumi poetry with Prem, chakra sounds with Yelena, pow-wows and Nasrudin story, element walks and dances with Vitalija, Sufi practices with Silje and heartfelt talk with each other...





...and the farewell with the guest house - our lovely "home" by the sea for 4 camps in a row. We will remember the long seaside walks, bird watching tower,the campfire, fragrant sauna, the magic forest and the stony seashore!

...all are welcome to share their feelings and comments on this page! 

Till we dance again...and again...and again!